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January 26th, 2009, 1:03 pm

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Author's Comments:


CoverPage Release Hey people! how'z
it goin? Anyways I've just been working on the cover page. The Prologue and chapter one are commin in a couple days. I could add now but i want to add all that i have so far all together so that u guys have a few pages to read. Oh and I just wanted to say that this painting isn't all me. Since im not such a great painter im still practicing. My friend Pyroman colored The Main character and the name logo. All i did was draw and colour the outside blue and add the feathers and stuff lol. But!!From now I will be doing the coloring aswell. Wow i just realized how much work i have to do...colour,draw, story make.....oh man.... Anyways Enjoy!!


User's Comments:


Nicee! Yoooo broo that's some sick stuff can't wait to see the rest of it! :D

Dibujito (Guest),

Great Effort Hey Buddy,
This is a very good start, keep it up - you have lots of potential.


Thanks Oh wow thanks man great to hear. XD I hope u enjoy the comics once i upload them. I was so excited to see what comments i got lol.


Nice Good job, hope you can keep up the hard work

VD_JR (Guest),


Flippedkill (Guest),

Yo bro thats pretty sick man keep it up
let me know when everything else is done

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